A cure for your curiosity - Know more about what we do and how we do it!

What are the services you offer?

Our range of services includes, but not limited to: Photography, Videography/Cinematography, Video Editing, Designing (Albums and more), Corporate Film making.

What kind of photography do you do?

We photograph portraits, weddings, events, products and editorial work.

What kind of cameras do you use?

We mostly use professional Nikon gear for Photography, and a variety of cameras from Sony, Panasonic and Nikon amongst other for videography.

Do you do candid photography?

Yes, we do candid photography, but do not limit ourselves to just that. Having spent considerable time and effort in understanding the different aspects of photography and constantly in pursuit of mastering the art, we strive to deliver bright, crisp, colorful and lively images, and where required our subjects are posed to look their best. We commit ourselves to maintain quality consistently right from the begining of your event till the end.

We don't like to be posed and we want more candid moments? Would you cover that?

Certainly. While we understand some might not like to be posed, our job as photographers requires us to bring out the best in you. Once you have conveyed your concern, we will bear in mind that you do not like to be posed and work towards creating imagery with minimal intervention for posing during the event. However, we will need some dedicated time with you to create the beautiful pictures you would appreciate for a long time to come.

Are you a natural light photographer?

Light is what makes the photograph. We believe a true photographer or videographer should know how to use light, be it using naturally available light or supplement it with artificial light to improve the overall quality. We will use both as required.

We think we may need more than one photographer? Can you provide a second photographer?

We believe that "Less is More", and having more people on the job does not necessarily mean better quality - sometimes it could be the other way around. Once we have an understanding of your requirements, we can recommend if additional photographers are required and the corresponding investment involved for the same.

We want everybody to be covered. Would you do that?

We try to get the best coverage of the events attendees. However, we want you to be aware that every event is unique and not every event presents the same opportunity, but through every event our primary focus would be to cover the host first guest next.

Can we provide you a list of must have pictures?

Yes, your input is certainly welcome and we will try to get the pictures, provided we have the required co-operation from your party. However, we need to limit them to less than 30 as trying to work off of a set list curtails our ability to be flexible.

Will you work more than the time we initially agreed?

Yes, we are flexible in that regard and will try to accomodate any overtime. There is an overtime charge for the extra hours being put in. We will discuss this ahead of time to avoid any confusions.

Will I get all the pictures that you have captured?

No. While we are very generous in selecting the images to be delivered. We exclude images of people with eyes closed, pictures with awkward expressions, people who accidently walked into the frame, and we also eliminate very close duplicates. With many events/shoots under our belt, we can confidently differentiate between good pictures vs bad pictures. However, we prioritise based on the content in the image, and depending on the event, sometimes emotions in the picture take precedence over technical quality.

We want all the RAW pictures in an unedited format. Would you give those?

Sorry, we do not do that. It would be like the chef providing you with the ingredients for the meal.

How many images do I get?

It is entirely relative and purely depends on what is happening at your event. Usually with our past experience of covering events, you are looking at an average of around 40 images per hour. It could be more as well. For portrait sessions, we will deliver 15 images per hour.

Will you work on each and every image?

Yes, every picture that has been selected will be checked for colours and exposure, and will be worked on as we see appropriate.

We want to take portraits at our home? Would you do that?

We can create portraits anywhere, however, not all places offer the same opportunity and at times can be challenging in terms of space available and colours at the location.

We love a location and we want you to captures in that location. How do we go about it?

Yes, we would love to shoot in a new location. However, not all locations can be shot without a permit. The Client is responsible for aquiring needed permissions.

Will you travel out of the state? If yes, how does it work?

We work with in a 50 Km radius for no additional travel cost. We can certainly travel to any location as long as the client can take care of the logistics involved. Also, our non-local rates are different and vary by location. If you would like to get a quote for your unique need, drop us an email and we will get back to you as ASAP.

How much time do you need to deliver the pictures? How do I get the pictures?

We usualy try to deliver images in 3 weeks of time for weddings and 2 weeks for other types of work. We will provide you an online gallery with password protection to share and view the images.

We got quotes from different providers and your quote differs a lot and seems to be high.

It's possible. In this creative field, everyone works differently and values their work differently. It's also possible that our quote is lower than most others that offer similar kind of work.

We want the images on a DVD and mailed to us? Will you do that?

Yes, we can burn the DVD and mail it to you at additional cost.

I still need to think about booking. Would you save the date for me?

Please understand that our bookings are done at first come/first serve basis. Until a retainer is paid, a booking is not confirmed.

How do I book you?

A retainer is paid to reserve your date. 75% of the whole payment is due before 2 weeks of your event.

Do you provide deals?

While we do provide deals and some charitable work at times as our way of giving back to society, this might not be an ongoing thing. Should you have any budgetary constraints we can work with you.

My friend has an awesome camera and would like to shoot along side you. Wouldn't that be okay?

Your event and output is very important to us and we would like to have unobtrusive view of your event unfolding in front of us to capture it the best way we can. Try to imagine a moment we are trying to capture in it's originality and the opportunity being ruined because of an unwanted person in the frame or because the attention of the people in the picture is distributed. As photographers who have been entrusted the job, the final outcome would certainly be better without any limitations of this nature.

Will you be part of our event planning?

Yes, we would love to be part of your event planning however, due to the time involved we try to limit our participation to where it would matter in terms of the coverage.

For my event I think I need only few hours of coverage.

Our experience shows that most events do not meet timings as planned, so it is best to consider each event by itself.

Some of our guest pictures are missing. Did you not include them in the delivery. Could you please re-check?

We want you to be aware that while we are busy with the coverage of the main event at hand, it is possible that some of the guests who might not be in the close proximity of the event might miss the photo opportunity. If there is someone who needs to be in the pictures for sure, your input in that regard beforehand will help us.

I lost my images, Would you provide me with a backup?

We do not backup the images beyond one year and hence cannot provide you with the same. If you should have a request for a backup with in the first year, we can help you with a backup and an archival fee is charged for the same.